LZOS - Astrositall Astronomical Mirrors

LZOS Logo Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory (LZOS), JSC is a unique, diversified enterprise in the optical industry, one of the largest in Europe. It has achieved a world class level of quality and are recognized as the Russian leader in the manufacturing of optical materials for various scientific and technological domains.

LZOS Production

JSC 'LZOS' production facilities allow manufacturing optics starting from casting and annealing of Astrositall® blanks and finishing with final figuring and polishing. At present time it is widely used for high-precision astronomical mirrors fabricating by both LZOS and other companies. LZOS can supply as well blanks made of Astrositall® and high-precision figured optical components. Other optical materials as Zerodur, ULE, Quartz, etc. can be polished and treated in its facilities. By resent time LZOS successfully produced a wide range of large-size optical components with flat and a-spherical working surfaces and diameter up to 2 meters having accuracy RMS to 0.015 lambda (lambda=0.6328 micrometers). Among performed components there are light-weighted some (weight reduction up to 80%) and thin optical parts as well axis and off-axis having random shape of external perimeter.

Since 1959 year LZOS mastered manufacture of crystalline glass material having ultra-low coefficient of thermal expansion - Astrositall® that optical and physical mechanical properties are similar to Zerodur® material by Schott (Germany). During all past time many tests and measurements were conducted that proves this material properties stability within time on special-purpose components.

  • Astrositall® is designated for items for which no any change of linear sizes and a surface figure is not permitted when a temperature is variated.
  • Astrositall® is a crystalline glass consisting of two main phases, vitreous bonding and crystals disperse-distributed in it, that are formed by special thermal treatment of glass.
  • see for more details: technical properties of Astrositall® ( Sitall CO - 115 M ) material

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