INTES Micro Maksutovs

INTES Micro Logo INTES Micro was founded in 1991 and is one of the world's leading companies in developing, manufacturing and exporting premium class Russian-made Optics and accessories for experienced (professional) amateur astronomers. The Maksutov-designed telescopes stand for high quality optics with small tolerances and are sold in over 20 countries worldwide.

All Optical Sets are not manufactured in mass production. After polishing the glass surface to nearly its final values, the outstanding optical quality is achieved by INTES master opticians performing the final lens or mirror shaping: Each Maksutov-Cassegrain and Maksutov- Newtonian optical set is individually hand-figured to reach an optical null. It is continuously tested and re-tested for zonal irregularities, smoothness of figure, and correction. Final diffraction image testing is done with a double-pass laser autocollimator that passes an intense pinhole of monochromatic light.

Maksutov Optical Sets

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