Direct Drive Mount DDM160


The DDM160 is the flagship in ASA's series of mounts. 160 mm thick hollow axles and many hundred newton meters of torque has brought into being one of the most stablest observatory class mounts of our century.

Aside from its impressively sized axles, our top model is also equipped with very accurate encoders. Not only that: Its outer shell is manufactured with highly graded carbon fibre, making its optical appearance stand out among its class.

The DDM160 was designed as an equatorial pier mount: since measurements are client specific, the equatorial pier can be aligned exactly according to its installation site.

Aside its impressive loading capacity (instrument weight) of up to 300 kg (660 lbs), its guiding accuracy is next to none and can easily be compared to large, meter class modern telescope systems. Especially helpful in this regard was the expertise of Dipl. Phys. Phillip Keller, whose years of experience in the area of large telescope systems has helped innovate our products from the start!

Like on all of ASA's mounts, the "Autoslew" software provides perfect services. ASA's DDM160 mount is delivered with a complete software package and options such as autopointing, precision tracking and internet remote control.

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