Mount APM GE-200

Our professional APM GE-Series mountings start at a point where at other manufacturers mounts the carrying capacity is too low.

The APM GE 200 has hollow shafts with a inner diameter of 63mm and an outer diameter of 100mm which are mounted in high precision 32mm wide cone-bearings in front with a inner diameter of 100mm and an outer diameter of 150mm and on the back with a inner diameter of 90mm and an outer diameter of 140mm. So the mount has a very high photographic carrying capacity of 330 lb.

GE-200 MountingGE-200 Mounting
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GE-200 MountingGE-200 Mounting
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GE-200 MountingGE-200 Mounting
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This mount has been developed for large Cassegrain telescopes and Hypergraphs from 20" aperture onwards, but is also a perfect match for long and heavy refractors like our large APM-LZOS apo refractors.

For transport you can seperate the declination axis from the right ascension axis, so it's a lot easier to handle the 500 lb weighing mount. The mount is equipped with high precision wormwheels with 280mm diameter for a extrem precisely tracking. Alternatively you can get as an option a friction wheel drive. Very interesting are the extrem smooth adjustable friction clutches, which you can easily handle with a small grip.

In the basic configuration you will get this mount with the Sideres STAR-CONTROL Mount Controller for GoTo operation. This controller has various possiblities to control the mount.

Optional: Equatorial Pier for GE 200 with 1,5m Height

Technical data:

MaterialSteel / Stainless Steel
Type of mountParallactic GOTO mount
Motor controlSideres STAR-CONTROL
MotorsEscap Stepper Motors PH632 30 Volt
Power Supply30 Volt
Tracking speedsSiderial, Solar, Lunar, Comet etc.
Slew speeds30 Volt max. 45° per minute, 220 V max. 80° per minute
ConnectionsAutoguider 2x, 30 V, Serial Port
Weight equatorial headca. 507 lb without Counterweights
Payload max.330 lb Photographic / 440 lb Visual
(depending on using and demand)
Polar hight adjustment330 lb Photographic / 440 lb Visual
Telescope attachmentwith Mounting Plate
Diameter of Gear /
Number of Tooth
280 mm Diameter in Rectazension
250 mm Diameter Declination
Periodic error+/- 3 Arc Seconds without PEC
Counterweights220 lb inclusive
Weight over allca. 726 lb (packaged ca. 880 lb)

Mounting Blueprints

Configuration and Shipping

  • Equatorial Head with mounting plate and 3 Counterweights á 88 lb
  • Steppermotors with Gears 2 Pc.
  • Encoder for both Axels
  • Controller Little Foot from Co. Höll + Sehn (Short Description, Manual)
  • Power Supply
  • Delivery time is 9 to 12 months

Fork version

The GE-200 is also avaliable as fork version. All other features are identical to the regular GE-200 mounting, except a more heavy weight. The fork width can be adapted to the telescope of the customer.

Fork Mounting Blueprints

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