Ritchey-Chrétien or Cassegrain Systems

The AltAz AZ800 telescope. Quelle: ASA Astrosysteme GmbHThe AltAz AZ800 telescope. Quelle: ASA Astrosysteme GmbH
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The telescopes which we have on offer have since years been considered the reference class in the professional and semi-professional area.

400, 500 and 600mm telescopes

The telescopes with 400mm, 500mm and 600mm are built as Cassegrain or Ritchey- Chrétien systems. The components from the mechanics to the software, and also the optics fulfil the highest quality standards. These telescopes are ideal for use in astrophotography, and also in all fields of astronomical research.400mm / 500mm and 600mm

New AZ 800mm telescope

The AZ800, is the step into the middle class of telescope systems. The design offers a nearly unbeatable price/performance ratio. The AltAz telescope with Nasmyth focus is a professional telescope, which combines many years of experience by Philipp Keller with the latest CNC technology. This telescope is designed for professional observatories, research institutes and universities.

Best configuration possible: Lomo Optics inside!

LOMO Optics insideLomo Optics has established itself as a very reliable manufacturer of precision optics. Lomo also delivers optics for professional telescopes up to 2m in diameter. Lomo's mirrors are of the highest grade in the industry: If your aim is perfect imaging quality and you do not want to spend the few clear nights with inferior optics, then Lomo is the call. In order for the optics to provide optimal corrections also during volatile thermal conditions, we only offer our optical sets in either Astro Sitall or Zerodur ceramics.

LOMO LogoLomo offers perfect quality parabolic mirrors, flat optics as well as Cassegrain- and RC-Systems. Contrary to other optic vendors we deliver every optical set with test certificate and Interferogramm. Philipp Keller has designed and implemented over 400 telescopes globally and all the optics delivered always more than have fulfilled his specification.

Cassegrain- and Ritchey-Chrétien systems

  • System-wave front accuracy minimum lambda/8 peak to valley at 632nm in focus
  • System-wave front accuracy minimum lambda/35 RMS at 632nm in focus
  • Surface Quality 80/50 scratch/dig
  • Coating Aluminium and Quarz, other coatings upon request

Cassegrain and Ritchey-Chrétien design compared

Optical performance that is always taking you to the seeing limit

Quelle: ASA Astrosysteme GmbHQuelle: ASA Astrosysteme GmbH
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Both the Ritchey-Chrétien and Cassegrain telescope will need a corrector when used with large format CCD cameras. When comparing the performance of both systems, the Cassegrain will perform very similar to the RC but at a lower price. The benefit of the RC-design lies in the fact that the smaller image errors are corrected easier. In building these systems, ASA Astrosysteme - unlike other manufactures in the field - focuses not on uncompromising lightweight construction, but on computer aided construction and company owned CNC-production. The result will be a more rigid system that will increase the precision of the telescope. Since professional telescopes are used in fixed locations, the slight gain of weight will be more than offset by the prevailing benefits such as higher pointing and tracking accuracy as well as improved focusing precision.