Observatory Hanshagen (Germany)

APM Professional Telescopes' CEO Markus Ludes equipped his personal observatory with a fantastic telescope: a 16" F/10 Maksutov Cassegrain, one of the largest apertures that is availiable worldwide. The optical set is from Intes Micro.

The secondary mirror is movable, so focal length modification in order to get focus is possible. The focus fine tuning is made through the for focussers at the rear end. The telescope is mounted on the GE 200 mount from APM.

Located at a very dark sky in the north-east of Germany, Markus enjoys stargazing with his telescope!.

Mak 400-´3Mak 400-´3
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Mak 400-´2Mak 400-´2
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MW16 inch MCT-2MW16 inch MCT-2
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MW16 inch MCT-1MW16 inch MCT-1
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Technical data:

OpticsAPM MC 400mm
Type of mountAPM GE 200
Tube and tube ringsby Matthias Wirth (Cologne)
113cm length / 52cm diameter
Telescope/tube rings weight52kg


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