Hyperbolic Astrographs

Hyperbolic Series AstrographsThe Astrographs from the Hyperbolic Series differs from the Newton Series in that it employs a hyperbolic main mirror which - in combination with a specially designed corrector - yields a very high resolution. The Astrographs of the Hyperblic Series will only unfold its full potential in conjunction with a high resolution CCD camera. With a focal ratio of f/3 these instruments are ideally suited for wide field imaging.

The 8" Hyperbolic Astrograph makes very fast and high resolution imaging of the night sky possible, rendering it the No.1 choice for many professional ventures, such as the Super-Wasp-II program for the search of Exo-Planets, a cooperation of eight Universities, among them the University of Cambridge, Geneva and St. Andrews. A total of twelve Hyperbolic Astrographs will be situated in the immediate vicinity of the VLT in Paranal, Chile.

Larger apertures on request.


NameApertureFocal lenthSecondaryFocuserCorrectorImage CircleTube
ASA 8HOK3ZK200mm600mm90mmASA-OK3Z3KORRH860mmSandwich

Prices on request!