ASA Astrographs

Astrographs All telescope tubes are manufactured of sandwich carbon fibre, and the external view by the high-grade sight carbon fibre workmanship. The tubes are covered inside with black velvet to avoid stray light. The use of carbon fibre makes the telescopes up to 60% lighter and the focus remains long-term stable in temperature due to the insignificant extension coefficient. Thus neither focus shift nor flexure can affect the performance of the star shape.

ASA Astrographs product folder

Our Astrographs have a fast focal ratio which helps to collect a lot of data within short exposure times and achieve a good signal to noise ratio. Based on the uncompromisingly optical design by Dipl. Phys. Philipp Keller, Germany, the lenses which are used correct the field of the largest CCD arrays popular right now.

Astrographs are available in two different Serials: Newton Series Hyperbolic Series