APM Company Profile

Short description

APM Telescopes was founded by Markus Ludes in 1990. Since that time APM's core fundamentals of consistent high product quality have seen it become a frequent supplier to professional users in the Astronomy and Science communities worldwide.

APM manufacture the world's largest range of Apochromatic Refractor telescopes. Our partners have included Massimo Ricarrdi and the late Thomas M. Back (Lens Designs), LZOS (Lens Manufacture), Matthias Wirth (Tube Designs) and Starlight Instruments (Focusers) to name but a few of the Astronomical communities best who contribute to what makes APM Telescopes such superb instruments.

Over this time APM has expanded its Telescope products to include large observatory class Reflectors and mounts in addition to our famous range of Refractors. We have also been involved in the development of Solar Observing equipment such as Coronado and Lunt Solar Systems, whom Markus Ludes is a founding partner.

NameAPM Telescopes GmbH
PresidentMr. Markus Ludes
HeadquatersQuierschieder Weg 38, 66280 Sulzbach/Saar, Germany
Number of Employees11 (as of September 2018)

Subcontractor companys working for APM

  • 2 machine shops in Germany
  • 1 machine shop in the Netherlands
  • 2 machine engineers
  • 2 optical designers
  • 1 electronical engineer
  • 2 software experts
  • LZOS, Moscow, Russia
  • LOMO, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • ARIES, Crimean Astrophysical Observatories, Ukraine
  • Lunt-Solar-Systems/Arizona
  • Sitech-USA

History Timeline

Please read our news, which give an overview of some of the key moments in our history, featuring some of the institutions who rely on APM products for their work.