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Being in business for over 20 years now, we have gained unequaled experience with large telescopes: This includes manufacturing mechanics - especially mounting construction - mirror design and lens calculation, configuring controllers and optics as well as setting up, service maintainance and delivering the telescope to your location. We have not only made several big prime focus telescopes for customers all over the world, but we also deliver regularly high quality telescopes and all needed accessories to ambitious amateuer astronomers and astrophotographers.Manufacturer's Sales Authorization
Manufacturer's Sales Authorization ASA
Manufacturer's Sales Authorization Officina Stellare

We provide professional telescope solutions for almost every customer desired specification!

Product Line and Service Portfolio

Professional Telescopes Observatory Telescopes

Observatory Telescopes

Big prime focus telescopes for private or public observatories including installation and full service. more

Professional Telescopes Robotic Remote

Robotic / Remote

Robotic instruments for automatic imaging or telescopes for remote observation. more

Professional Telescopes Astrographs


Optical tubes only, like our ultra-fast Wynne-Riccardi Astrograph. more

Professional Telescopes Cassegrains Newtons

Cassegrains / Newtons

The reference class in the professional and semi-professional area. more

Professional Telescopes Apochromates


High quality Apochromates from LZOS in apertures even more than 8". more

Professional Optical Sets

Optical Sets

Optical sets, large lenses and mirror sets for manufacturing of telescope assemblies. more

Professional Telescope Mountings


Big scopes need large mounts. We offer suitable products with high quality standards. more

Professional Telescopes Observatory Domes

Observatory Domes

New contemporary observatory domes for the needs of modern astronomers. more

Professional Telescope Correctors


Choose from our Wynne correctors for the photographic correction of the field of view. more

Professional Telescope Atmospheric Dispersion Correctors

Atmospheric Dispersion Correctors

Corrects the effects caused by the atmospheric dispersion. more

Professional Telescope Collimators


Collimate your telescopes with our collimator lenses. more

Professional Telescopes Accessories


All accessories for your large telecope - from CCD cameras and adapters to transport cases. more

Professional Telescopes Individual


Ask us for your desired specifications. We'll provide advise for the realisation of the request. more